Инстаграм рулит: цветовая подборка для перфекционистов

Инстаграм рулит: цветовая подборка для перфекционистов





Bottle geometry #colorsorganizedneatly

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I’m taking my photography on a road trip! For a few weeks in May and June I will be headed to a city (hopefully) near you visiting farms of all shapes and sizes. I’ll be documenting them all with my camera making a photo story to help spread the word of where our food comes from and why it’s so important to know about. I’d love it if you could share your favorite farms below that I have to see, along with any food that definitely needs to be eaten and random stops worth visiting on the way. Here are the cities I will be visiting with the possibility of adjustments: Boise Salt Lake City Denver Kansas City St. Louis Indianapolis Detroit Cleveland Philadelphia New York City Washington DC Charlotte Atlanta New Orleans Houston Austin Albuquerque Phoenix San Diego Los Angeles San Francisco Portland Hawaiian Islands

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